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My first test (and every test that I have seen, actually) work by counting up character features and counting up the ‘score.’ In the context of the great variety of stories and settings, this is not a very accurate measure. In this test, I will try something different, in hopes of producing a more accurate test.

The point of this test is to help people to look at their characters, and understand if there is a problem, something that needs to be worked on, not to make anyone feel bad about their characters. So no putting other people's characters through the test and then going 'ha-ha! Your character's a Mary-Sue!'

What makes a Sue a Sue(or a Stu a Stu) is that they are MORE than any other character: more beautiful, they get more attention, they are more skilled, more strong, etc.

So, is  the character. . .


More beautiful-

More strong-

More skilled-
(if the character is more skilled in multiple areas, each of which has bearing on the plot, add an extra point for every additional skill)

A better fighter-

More smart-

More selfless-

More desired-

More funny-

-than any other character?

Total up the number that applies to your character.

Subtract 1 if the character is shown to be less in some regard;
Subtract 2 if there is some circumstance making it serious: for example, if the character is very proud of some skill, but is shown to be less skilled than another character, subtract 2.

Compare the total to the ranks below:

0 - Definitely not a Mary-Sue

1 - Almost certainly not a Mary-Sue. It can be done, but it takes work.

2-3 - Borderline.

4 - You’ve probably got a problem.

5+ - Probably a Mary-Sue.
A new form of Mary-Sue test.

Check out the original test:…
TgWolfe Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel that flaws should be added to this list as a means to reduce points. For example: a character isn't the most attractive or funny but is one of the smartest.
jochannon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
That's a good point, thank you.
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