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I've been thinking about Adoptables a lot recently, y'know, adoptable characters, that you can buy or trade from other people, and I find it a little disturbing how very little it takes for someone to call something a character.

I have a character, a Star Wars OC who I adopted from someone else - this person posted in the forums a little contest, and the winner would get the character. I figured, 'sure, why not?' so I won the contest, and I discovered that the character consisted entirely of. . . a name.

No picture, no story, no bio, or description. A name. And that was an adoptable character.

This seems to be an extreme case, but I have other adoptables who, before I got them, consisted of a picture. Again, no name, no description, no bio, a plain, black-and-white lineart picture. I'm sure I am not typical of people who get adoptables, and it could very well be that my experience is nothing like that of most people, but it is a valid experience.
The rain came early this year: at 6 o'clock this morning, in fact.
For those of you just tuning in, I am Israeli; I live in the Gaza periphery, app. 8 Kilometers from the city of Gaza.

And we are being shot at again.

Baruch Hashem, my village has not been hit, but Sderot, where my sister and my brother and my sister-in-law live, has been hit. They're okay, Baruch Hashem, but still. . .

An just because I'm a little sensitive to people saying its our fault people are trying to kill us, I'll write this:

We have made no assassination, no raids into Gaza, we have enacted no new laws or launched any program against the terrorists, we did nothing, okay? Things were just humming along as quiet as things get around here until early today when someone over in Gaza said 'hey, it's too quiet; let's kill Jews!'

And once again, like always, they are not attacking our soldiers, our bases, our police stations, they are attacking our cities, our civilian population centers: they are targeting our unarmed civilians.
I've decided I'm a-gonna keep this account for personal stuff, J-B-Hickock for my writings, and FanaticalPublishing for my publishing.
I've run into a fair number of atheists, a lot of whom have been horribly disrespectful and rude to me. And I had one friend who is an atheist. And he was a wonderful guy: smart, go get 'em, prompt, he started up and ran one of my magazines when I got into publishing. He was a great guy, I liked him a lot, and any time I started thinking awful things about atheists I'd tell myself 'well he's an atheist, so they're not all bad.'

And then he stole the magazine and clammed up like a thief.

We had a very clear understanding from the very beginning that it was MY magazine; he was running it, he had rights to his own intellectual property associated with the project, but the magazine itself was mine, it was being published under my label.

The last I heard from him personally was after several months of not doing anything with the magazine, I decided that I'd keep it going, then he reappeared and told me that he was back on it, and would keep publishing it. That was the last he ever wrote to me, and the last I knew of the magazine for a while.

Some time later, months later, by pure chance, I found a new copy of the magazine, an issue I never saw before, in a format that I never authorized; in fact, before he disappeared the first time, he broached the subject of switching to this other format, and I nixed the idea.

So he switched formats against my wishes, published the magazine where I could only discover it by pure chance, AND he dropped my label: I tried to contact him on no less than three separate occasions, and I didn't even get so much as a 'fuck you.'

And please don't try telling me that it's not such a big deal, it's only a fanart magazine after all, who cares, because he was selling advertising space: he is making money with the magazine he stole from me, that was created under my label, that I personally did put some work into.

But you know what really pisses me off? What REALLY pisses me off; if he had said to me 'yo, dude, I wanna go solo, can I have the magazine?' I would have said 'yes.'
I'm turning 26: no longer a quarter-century.
It's been fun, folks, but I'm moving over to J-B-Hickock my new account just for my writing.
Did you guess me? Argh, I've got to work on my riddles.
I made a new group Tree-of-Eternity; go check it out!
So I walk into my sister's room and I say to her, shame-faced. "I am a criminal."

She sighs, rolls her eyes(she knows me pretty well) and says: "What did you do now?"

"I've-" I stop; I can hardly get the words out. "I've been plagiarizing Star Wars!" I almost weep from embarrassment.

She gives me an exasperated Look, and says: "Hans, that's not a crime; that's a tradition!"

So anyway, I wrote a book ripping of Star Wars(rather ironically, I had to rush to finish it in time to start NaNoWriMo) and I'll be posting it here, as time goes by.

I'm starting NaNoWriMo; it's almost 1:30 AM November 1 as I write this. My third year doing it. I did 2010 and 2012; 2011 I was in the army. I've got a great idea for a story, about a destitute steamer captain who must take his boat down a raging river for one last shot at everything he's been working for all his life. Will I finish it in time? Well, I won both other times I've done NaNoWriMo, so I'm fairly confident.
So, I've been not posting a whole lot of Edgefolk stories on the idea that I could maybe self-publish them and make money. Well that was a bust, so I'll be posting them all here, just as soon as I can get my shit in order.

I'm building up a collection of quotes for series 4 of Quotes of the Day; I'm gonna start posting them on January 1, if all goes well.
Gosh, it's a little depressing how many unfinished series I have - but hat's how I work: I write what I can, when I feel the inspiration for it, and when there is no inspiration for it, I'll write something else. Some stories have lain unfinished for years before being done.

Anyway, I'll try to be on here more; I've got new stories I'd like to show off, and now that I've finished the third series of Quotes of the Day. I'm gonna spend some time to make new quotes, build up a buffer, before starting Series 4.
Keyboard broken; using virtual keyboard to write this. The thing is horrible. Expect me to not answer comments until new keyboard acquired; can be reached via Note.
With my computer I can still read messages and journals, read and post deviations(just not edit them) write and receive PMs. So I'll be doing that, and meanwhile I'll be doing all the other things when I can borrow a younger computer.
Deviantart has finally upgraded to the point that I can no longer make effective use of it with my computer. With my computer I can no longer edit deviations, make or respond to comments, or post any journal entries.

If anyone's been wondering why I have not been around lately, that's why.
Hello, all. I'll start posting tomorrow.
Got a plane ticket; departing on Sunday; God willing, I'll be home by Monday.
Me and her; it's not meant to be.

Not because of me. Or her. Because of her father.

It's a little too fresh to talk about, but you can get all the details when my book comes out.

In the meantime, I'm in Iowa City, I'll be here probably for a few days, then I'll be heading east to New York, and from there to Israel.

God willing, I'll be back to writing and posting stuff sometime next week.
Hey folks. In Iowa now, hanging out with my uncle. Next step Montana, to try to find the lost love of my life.

I'm scared.

In other news, the backlight of my computer screen is broken.
I'm on the bus to New York right nopw; I'll be changing from there to Philadelphia, heading over to Pennsylovania to see my sister. After that, I'll head west to see my grandmothers in Indiana and Illinois, then on to Montana.

Of course, if there's anyone who lives along the way who'd like to talk or meet, I'd love to; I got a cellphone, the number is 917-972-6985