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I've been thinking about Adoptables a lot recently, y'know, adoptable characters, that you can buy or trade from other people, and I find it a little disturbing how very little it takes for someone to call something a character.

I have a character, a Star Wars OC who I adopted from someone else - this person posted in the forums a little contest, and the winner would get the character. I figured, 'sure, why not?' so I won the contest, and I discovered that the character consisted entirely of. . . a name.

No picture, no story, no bio, or description. A name. And that was an adoptable character.

This seems to be an extreme case, but I have other adoptables who, before I got them, consisted of a picture. Again, no name, no description, no bio, a plain, black-and-white lineart picture. I'm sure I am not typical of people who get adoptables, and it could very well be that my experience is nothing like that of most people, but it is a valid experience.
HatedLove6 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I don't really understand adoptables, but they kind of remind me of forums on writing sites where people ask for characters.  Sometimes these people make it a contest and have people fill out a form with name, description, history and the whole nine yards.  To be frank, I prefer to just fill out the name and description, and leave the history and personality blank because the person who uses the character will end up changing the personality and/or history anyway.

However only getting a name for an adoptable?  Absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time.  Lineart? Meh.  It's certainly better than just a name, and you can color it however you want.
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