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A variant on an old joke
I got up this morning, and I wrote a song in my pajamas.
How a song got in my pajamas, I will never know.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 1 3
My immediate reaction is no. No, Rey is not a Mary-Sue. Because a Mary-Sue wraps the story around herself, until the entire story is about her. That does not happen in Episode VII: she certainly is relevant to the plot, but that’s because she’s the protagonist!
But I can see where these folks have a point: there are things about Rey that grate a bit, how she knows how to do so many things in the movie. I would say that she is on the border. But  let’s put her to the test:
Putting rey to my Mary-Sue test 2.0:
Rey is
More skilled-
She is several times shown to have great skill at several things, particularly, piloting and repairing spaceships. She also is shown to be able to understand droid languages that most people need a translator droid for
More desired-
Different people desire her for different reasons: Discount Vader wants her for the map to Luke, Whatsisname the ex-Stormtrooper is attracted to her, Han Solo sees h
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Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu Test, Version 2.0
My first test (and every test that I have seen, actually) work by counting up character features and counting up the ‘score.’ In the context of the great variety of stories and settings, this is not a very accurate measure. In this test, I will try something different, in hopes of producing a more accurate test.
The point of this test is to help people to look at their characters, and understand if there is a problem, something that needs to be worked on, not to make anyone feel bad about their characters. So no putting other people's characters through the test and then going 'ha-ha! Your character's a Mary-Sue!'
What makes a Sue a Sue(or a Stu a Stu) is that they are MORE than any other character: more beautiful, they get more attention, they are more skilled, more strong, etc.
So, is  the character. . .
More beautiful-
More strong-
More skilled-
(if the character is more skilled in multiple areas, each of which has bearing on the plot, add an extr
:iconjochannon:jochannon 8 4
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 88
Some treasure maps are for real.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 4 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 87
Sometimes it’s good to have supper for breakfast.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 1 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 89
People who are cowards hate people who are not.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 2 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 86
The point to stop pushing is when someone pushes back.
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Quote of the Day, Series 4: 85
Heaven and Hell seem to me mere abstractions, what matters is this world, and what we do in it.
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Quote of the Day, Series 4: 84
I like even more being a good writer.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 1 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 83
I like being a writer.
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Quote of the Day, Series 4: 82
If you want to make your point with a sledgehammer, fine. But I object to a shovel.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 1 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 81
Writers and publishers are allowed to hate, but only an editor can truly despise.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 2 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 80
Israel is a very small country, and we are surrounded by people who want to kill us all. If we are sometimes a little overzealous in Israel’s defense, I do not think that any reasonable person could fault us for it.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 1 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 79
Israel is the only Jewish country in the world; it is the only Jewish country for almost 2,000 years, and in those 2,000 years, we have learned that it is a really bad thing to be a people without a country.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 1 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 78
Even as we despair, we must allow others their hope.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 2 0
Quote of the Day, Series 4: 77
Half-chewed popcorn went up my nose; not an experience I care to repeat.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 3 0
My work: mostly literature, some fan fiction, a little photography, little traditional art.

Everything here is protected by the… (Jochannon art no-theft guarantee)


the daughter universe
Lonely men, I’ve noticed, will pay off their little houses
and live in them by themselves until they burn down
from a dead gas pilot and 80’s paperback philosophy.
In other words, out on one hundred highway north at dusk,
which is a daylight’s ride from the sack, the dunes simply
spill out on the road; the crazy thing being, nobody’s worried.
Keep driving until the damn thing just ends at the last rogue pier
on the island’s tip. There’s a dark night beach on the right
and if you wade into the waves, about 130 feet, east by northeast,
you’ll find a miraculous shoal where the salt from a trillion graves
will wash up on your thighs and the moon searches the dark pitch
of water like a frantic mother.  Pick any wave and follow it fondly
until you forget of me,
:iconspoems:spoems 87 30
Inside these walls, I wait past dark.
The shadows steep and over-brew
long before I move a bone;
I’ll never return to mother’s moon.
Star and night, my bench flakes off
cicada shells and sunflower wilt.
By Venus light, it’s a driftwood throne,
an old carob bullet firing straight for the sun.
The air like ink collects and cools:
it is the black throat where braying forms,
and where shady gardens melt and pool;
absorbing the ghosts of cigarette-waft.
These onyx planets swell and bloom,
and metabolise like sheer witchspells -
I turn these crystals to my core
And try unlearn this spiderweb gloom.
Former days contort through tremulous fisheyes
relapse at the bottom of two emptied mugs.
My disfigured mass quakes in its past,
crumples like a demon husk, roadkilled in a dream.
How many molts with their veiny dead hues
do souls need traverse, an urbanex sulking
through concrete petals, ’till our sin
becomes sarcoline, an imperceptible solute?
Electromagnetic eyes to lick
:iconspoems:spoems 15 15
the mary sue test by PinkMochi the mary sue test :iconpinkmochi:PinkMochi 334 201 2017-02-10 Lunar Eclipse by skiesofchaos 2017-02-10 Lunar Eclipse :iconskiesofchaos:skiesofchaos 8 1 2017-01-09 Spirit Orb by skiesofchaos 2017-01-09 Spirit Orb :iconskiesofchaos:skiesofchaos 8 1 2017-01-09 Mystic Orb by skiesofchaos 2017-01-09 Mystic Orb :iconskiesofchaos:skiesofchaos 2 2
I live in ancient times. The traditions hold and memory lives. The ways you follow, will never change what was and is. Foundations may be built upon many times, and that which is built may have nothing at all to do with the foundations upon which it rests, but the foundations, remain, solid, eternal, ancient and unyielding. Honor to the Earth, to the Dance of Eternity in all its many forms. Always will come before the illusions of man. So it has been told, and written, and given. So shall it always be.
It is the choices we make that matter. JKR in her writing recognized this, but it has always been this way. Farther than you can imagine, someone, stood upon a mountain and gazed forth upon the earth. Human? no, not yet, not quite yet. But they are ancestors, and they matter. We, are not the chosen, for there are no chosen. It is our choices that make the world we live our lives in. If you are unhappy with that world, then, make different choices. Choose to be responsible, in everything.
:iconskiesofchaos:skiesofchaos 2 0
DA 16th by skiesofchaos DA 16th :iconskiesofchaos:skiesofchaos 4 4
I've been successful!
So I finally got to have MY babies back home with me where they belong and I am so glad my sister in law was able to take care of them while I couldn't have them because of DSS. But I have to say that through this past year up until now, I made many new friends and a class I've been taking has helped me see that my marriage was bad for me since day one. I'm going to write a book about it one day so other women out there in abusive relationships can realize it before its too late. I won't use anyones real names for their personal identity safety but the book will tell many other things along with my own personal story. I have also been with my boyfriend almost 8 months now, this time has gone by so fast and he is so great to me and he's good to me more than I deserve sometimes. He loves my kids and my daughter calls him daddy so I'm glad she has someone she can have for her in her life as a father since she doesn't have her real one here for her. My son has yet to talk but he will learn
:iconuniqueraindisaster:uniqueraindisaster 1 1
Deiden Reborn by uniqueraindisaster Deiden Reborn :iconuniqueraindisaster:uniqueraindisaster 3 0 Begging by Moriwth
Mature content
Begging :iconmoriwth:Moriwth 44 17
Special Hat 2 by TheDuckFather Special Hat 2 :icontheduckfather:TheDuckFather 2 9 Reelin' and dealin'. by koop-dubious Reelin' and dealin'. :iconkoop-dubious:koop-dubious 11 7 Fine. by koop-dubious Fine. :iconkoop-dubious:koop-dubious 7 3 Wolf or Dog? by koop-dubious Wolf or Dog? :iconkoop-dubious:koop-dubious 8 9 He Grimlock look cute. by koop-dubious He Grimlock look cute. :iconkoop-dubious:koop-dubious 3 0




I'm a long-time writer, with some professional comic experience, and I want to develop my own series for publication.

It follows an ordinary human being who sets out to be a masked hero in the modern day America.

I have a script for the first issue finished, including templates of the panels, and an outline for the larger series.

If you're interested, comment below or send me a note, I have lots of details to share, just not so publicly.
I got up this morning, and I wrote a song in my pajamas.

How a song got in my pajamas, I will never know.


Jochannon Adar Mahler
I'm a guy with an Autism-Spectrum disorder just trying to get on with life, living on a small Moshav (farming village) app. seven kilometers from Gaza.

I am an editor and publisher, founder and general guy-in-charge of Fanatical-Publishing publisher and editor of BGFS, the fan fiction magazine; come check it out; you won't be disappointed.

I'm also a writer; it is my dream to eventually get paid for my work, but that for now is a pipe dream. In the meantime, I write Sci-Fi and Fantasy, as well as about politics, history, and military theory.

I do fan fiction too; my modern fantasy series 'Lurk' is bogged down(my old computer died, taking all my reference material with it); I also do some Warhammer and WH40K fanfic.

Ive started a superhero series: Gunslinger, visible in the upper-left corner of my page; really good, you should see it.

I draw some too, not very well, but I'm getting better; mostly stuff to illustrate my stories, but also a bunch of random stuff too.

Art Trades:

I'm willing to do just about anything for anybody; just leave a comment anywhere convenient that you want to do one.

Current Residence: house 102 Moshav Shoqeda
Favourite genre of music: Folk, rock, jazz, swing, heavy metal, sea shanties, Irish folk
Favourite photographer: Mark Jones
Favourite style of art: none, really: I like all kinds.
Operating System: Mac(preferred) PC(current)
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: Oyster
Wallpaper of choice: Plain white for me
Skin of choice: My own? Whose else should I be wearing?
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo
Personal Quote: 'There is nothing inherently wrong with being selfish'
And a Merry Christmas to all you lovely Goys out there.


jochannon has started a donation pool!
20 / 1,000
I need points for stuff, like commissioning cover art for my stories. Every donation is appreciated.

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